Game Rules

Experienced players tend to use stats and figures that are shown outside of the actual listed statistics but have the same rules applied. Such as with packs where there are differences with the pictures, for example, the football packs you are given the number on their shirts, these can be played with. The amazing thing with Top Trumps is that every single game you play is different and the game can be played anywhere. You don't have to plug anything in, wait for it to start up, you don't have to lay a board down, just a quick shuffle and deal and play a very simple to understand game.

I have been asked over the years about time length and other statistical details including cheating in the game. I have always said that I really don't know and that the game takes as long as it takes. Ultimate Top Trumps has however been contacted regarding this precise topic. Worked out using the statistics of any given pack, it seems that it is possible to work out roughly how long it could take. For more information please visit

Trumps For two or more players

The idea of the game is to win all of the cards. At the start of the game, all of the cards are dealt out equally. The cards are held face up and the player to the dealers left begins play, however this can be any nominated player. The cards contain certain facts and figures such as speed, weight, length etc. The starting player calls out one of these figures that he/she feels will win, i.e. have the higher value and then lays the card face up before everyone. The remaining players place their cards on top and the player who has the highest figure wins. These cards are then taken by the winner and placed at the bottom of their pack and then it is their turn to calls the next figure/fact. If however, if more than one player has a higher score that matches then the original caller calls again and the cards are left in the middle until someone wins and they then take all of the cards. Some games have an age statistic and this has been a contentious issue for some. Officially it is generally the oldest wins but these rules are for guidance only and can be chosen by the players themselves. So if you want to play with the youngest wins then play the gsme that way. Why not play with the smallest statistics for all of the categories? The choice is yours how you play the game? The player that holds all of the cards is the winner. Palitoy packs had the letters 'S' and 'M' on just 2 cards. The 'M' or Minicard beat everything except the Super card 'S'. From the instructions there is no other benfit to having the 'S' card.


This is played in the same way as Trumps, but the player that holds the Supertrump wins the hand regardless unless the another player has an A card, in which case the Supertrump loses. Which really makes it very difficult to win and should the situation go on and on for a long time it was sometimes ok'd, if there were a number of players that the person with the most cards would win the game, however when there are only 2 players that does not work.


For three or more players. Once again the idea of the game is to win all of the cards, in this case all of the quarts (sets of four). The cards are dealt equally amomg the players and the cards are held face up. Each card has a number and letter in either the top right or top left corners of the cards. The player at the dealers left begins play and asks any one of the other players for a card that will contribute towards making a quart. If that player has the requested card, it must be handed over. The same player asks another and so on until the asked player does not have the requested card. This player, who could not help, then asks the players and so on. Once a player has completed a quart ot perhaps they are dealt with a quart then the completed set must be laid down on the table. The game ends when there are no further cards to be had and the winner is the one with most quarts.


Quintets is basically the same as Quartet except the 'family' is 5 cards instead of the more common 4 cards.

Sinking Ships

This game is an additional game that can be found on the back of some packs of Waddingtons Super Top Trumps. Each player takes a card from the pack. The game is the same as the classic game of Battleships as are the rules. The winner is the only one left with and occupied square left.

Cheese Box

This game is an additional game that can be found on the back of some packs of Waddingtons Super Top Trumps. A game for 2 players. Each player draws a line with a felt tip pen on one of the sides of the squares and this continues when all of the squares have 'enclosed' and marked with either a circle or cross. Apparently the felt tip pen marks can be removed with a damp cloth. Hmmmm? I wonder if anyone has actually done this with any success?


This game is an additional game that can be found on the back of some packs of Waddingtons Super Top Trumps. The idea is quiet simple. Using a felt tip pen, once more you need to find your way from one end to the other. Again, the felt tip pen marks ought to come off with a damp cloth.

Red and Yellow Cards (Ace)

The player who has the yellow card as the next playable card is given free the top card from all other players. The player who has the red card then receives the top 2 cards from all players. Once this card has been used it is then removed from the game, played only once.

Top Trumps Tournament (Winning Moves)

The spinner is spun to determine who starts the game. Games can be one on one or with 6 people. The person who starts first chooses his/her favourite pack and plays a mini game with someone of their choice until they lose, the player to their left then plays. This continues until someone has a full scorebar- 9 pegs. Then the final is played.

My Pack - All Play

Spin the spinner to see who goes first, the winner then choose their favourite pack and deals 3 cards to every player. The loser discards (puts the losing card on the table) and the mini-game continues until one has no cards left. This is repeated with each other player until there is only one person with any card. This person receives 2 pegs.

Head to Head

Spin the spinner to choose who goes first. Spin the spinner to choose the pack to play and pick a player to play (only 2 players play this game). Deal 3 cards as before and choose a stat. The loser discards their card and this continues until only one person is left holding any cards and they then add 1 peg to their Scorebar.

Shoot Out

Spin the spinner to see who starts the game. Each player is dealt just 1 card and the person who won the spin begins the game. The winner receives 1 peg but if there is a draw then another card is dealt to each and the same stat is played.


Spin the spinner to see who begins. The winner deals 3 cards face down in front of them. Look at the stats of the first card and choose a category. Before you turn over the next card you must decide if it will be higher or lower. If you were wrong then your turn ends. For every correct choice you receive 1 peg. If a card is a draw or N/A then this wins.

The Final

Everyone plays this game. Spin the spinner to see who starts. Each player counts how many pegs they have won and this is the number of cards they are dealt with. If more than 30 pegs have been won then the player with the most pegs will receive 6 cards, 5 pegs for the next highest number of pegs and so on. If 2 players have the same number of pegs then they receive the same number of cards. The person with the most pegs gets to choose the category. As in previous games the loser discards their card and this continues until just one player holds any cards. This player is the winner of the game.