About Us

I have been collecting Trumps since 2005 and my first pack that I purchased was the Dubreq Series 1 Dragsters. I brought this particular pack as I remembered if from when I was at school during the late 1970's. This was the beginning of my collecting days and this pack was quickly followed by my other favourites, Tanks and Military Planes. The bug had bit and I was on my way to owning one of the biggest collections in the UK.

I made a private vow to myself, that I would try and collect one of every title ever made and quickly owned most of Series 1 and 2 of the Dubreq range. It soon became apparent after looking for packs that there were some variations and this started to get me wondering if I could actually own every title. Another thing that became clear was that not every purchase was perfect and that some packs were incomplete or had cards that were not of the pack. So I set up this website and got to joining the Winning Moves forum which was at the time the only one I could find, but it proved a bonus.

After a year or so, I was buying many packs at a time and realised that my vow had to be broken. I discovered packs from all around the world and the chances of actually finding every pack from every series was impossible.

In 2009, a medical condition meant that I was home a lot more and this gave me more time to keep up with both Trumps and the everchanging face of web design and obsolete html code. I learnt more and more about web design and this in turn changed my view about how the site worked and looked.

Quickly it became apparent that there was really only one active brand in the UK, Winning Moves. When I compared the early games to those of Winning Moves I was disappointed and decided to create my own brand - Ultimate Trumps. Was I in for a shock! In 2010 I finally finished and had professionally printed Countries of the World and have since continued to research design and develop new packs and try out new ideas.

Between 2010 and 2015 a number of personal issues prevented work on the website and threatened its closure. In early 2016 I was forced to have to buy a new computer and settled for a Mac and this has revolutionised the way I do things although it has meant a complete redesign and rebuild of the site, which will be an ongoing project. My brand Ultimate Trumps was also badly hit and forced me to cease, mainly because of finances and the lack of experience in the business arena.

In 2019 I moved to Scotland and decided that it was time to give up collecting (due to lack of space) and sell up. This has allowed me to concentrate on the website and look out for new stuff. With the help of 4 collector friends we are able to find overseas packs and as such allow other collectors to acquire otherwise impossible to get or extortionate prices off of places like eBay.

Please feel free to let me know your opinions using our Contact Page.